To the Wonder (2012)

To the Wonder full movie NetflixTo the Wonder Full Movie on Netflix HDR. After falling in love in Paris, Marina and Neil come to Oklahoma, where problems arise. Their church’s Spanish-born pastor struggles with his faith, while Neil encounters a woman from his childhood.
> Not for everyone, including me! I usually like Terrence Malick’s flicks, but not this one. His story narrations are always aims more on the action (not stunts) than the talkings. Besides, spectacular visuals are highlights and his trademark, and again, not in this film. He really tried, but it was so boring movie in the recent time I have seen one. Pardon me to mock him, but I had to say that the film looks like the one what Willem Dafoe trying to make one in ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’. Except here with me there is no Mr Rowan Atkinson/Bean to …

Genres: Drama, Romance,
Original Title: To the Wonder
Release Date: 02 Sep 2012
Language: English
Production: Metropolitan Filmexport
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 112 min


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Cast: Ben Affleck (Neil), Olga Kurylenko (Marina), Javier Bardem (Father Quintana), Rachel McAdams (Jane), Tatiana Chiline (Tatiana), Romina Mondello (Anna), Tony O'Gans (Sexton), Charles Baker (Carpenter), (),

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