The Sea Is Watching (2002)

The Sea Is Watching full movie NetflixThe Sea Is Watching Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Based on Akira Kurosawa’s final unproduced script, this Edo-period drama takes place almost entirely inside an ocean-village brothel. O-Shin is a young brothel worker who one night helps a young samurai escape from his pursuers. Against the warnings of her fellow workers, particularly Kikuno and the brothel’s owner, O-Shin falls …

The Sea is Watching starts off as an attractive film; rich colors, effective photography, nice framing, fetching prostitutes. Then it goes melodrama, followed by silly, culminating in corny which brought a smile to my face before the surreal kicked in. It never stops looking good, though. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking story-wise. It’s a charming, sometimes funny, bittersweet tale of the inhabitants of a samurai-era brothel whose entire district ends up under water. Plot-wise it focuses on the love lives of two of the working girls: Kikuno (Misa Shimizu) plays an elder to the younger girls and enjoys being the object …

Genres: Drama, Foreign, Romance.
Original Title: Umi wa miteita
Release Date: 27 Jul 2002
Language: 日本語
Country: Japan
Runtime: 119 min

Cast: Misa Shimizu (Kikuno), Nagiko Tôno (O-Shin), Hidetaka Yoshioka (Fusanosuke), Eiji Okuda (Ginji), Masatoshi Nagase (Ryosuke), (), (), (), (),

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