The Lords of Salem (2012)

The Lords of Salem full movie NetflixThe Lords of Salem Full Movie on Netflix HDR. The City of Salem, Massachusetts is visited by a coven of ancient witches.
The Lords of Salem is the latest film by industrial rocker-turned-auteur Rob Zombie, and I think it’s a good’un, although it’s already polarizing people. Sheri Moon Zombie (Rob’s wife who features heavily in all of his movies, though this is her first star turn) is Heidi, a recovering addict and local rock DJ in Salem, Massachusetts, site of the infamous witch trials of 1692. She receives a vinyl record in a wooden box from a band apparently called The Lords, who later on also inform the station that they are performing a one-off gig in the town. Upon playing the record …

Genres: Horror, Thriller,
Original Title: The Lords of Salem
Release Date: 10 Sep 2012
Language: English
Production: Alliance Films
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 101 min


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Cast: Sheri Moon Zombie (Heidi Hawthrone), Bruce Davison (Francis Matthias), Jeff Daniel Phillips (Herman Whitey Salvador), Judy Geeson (Lacy Doyle), Meg Foster (Margaret Morgan), Patricia Quinn (Megan), Ken Foree (Herman Jackson), Dee Wallace (Sonny), María Conchita Alonso (Alice Matthias),

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