The Fountain (2006)

The Fountain full movie NetflixThe Fountain Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Spanning over one thousand years, and three parallel stories, The Fountain is a story of love, death, spirituality, and the fragility of our existence in this world.
SCI-FI Lovers BEWARE! What a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! I thought this was going to be some awesome Sci-fi flick traveling through time and fighting to be with each other. (You know like all the other new Sci-fi flicks today). I was WRONG. Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman are both amazing actors, however I found the Fountain to be WAY TO artsy / independent film for me.

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Science Fiction.
Original Title: The Fountain
Release Date: 06 Sep 2006
Language: English
Production: Regency Enterprises
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 96 min


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Cast: Hugh Jackman (Tomás/Tom Creo/Tommy), Rachel Weisz (Queen Isabella/Izzi Creo), Ellen Burstyn (Dr. Lillian Guzetti), Mark Margolis (Father Avila), Stephen McHattie (Grand Inquisitor Silecio), Fernando Hernandez (Lord of Xibalba), Sean Patrick Thomas (Antonio), Donna Murphy (Betty), Ethan Suplee (Manny),

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