Space Station 76 (2014)

Space Station 76 full movie NetflixSpace Station 76 Full Movie on Netflix HDR. A comedic drama about a group of people (and several robots) living on a space station in a 1970’s-version of the future. When a new Assistant Captain arrives, she inadvertently ignites tensions among the crew, prompting them to confront their darkest secrets. Barely contained lust, jealousy, and anger all bubble …

I rented this movie because of Liv Tyler. I have seen all her movies and I liked every one of them … Until now. Space Station 76 is slow and profoundly **NOT** funny. I cannot imagine how she came to be in this movie or how she would let her name be associated with it. If you are thinking of renting this movie or god forbid buying it, I would suggest that you spend your money on beer or cigarettes. Your money would be better spent.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction.
Original Title: Space Station 76
Release Date: 19 Sep 2014
Language: English
Production: Rival Pictures
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 94 min


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Cast: Matt Bomer (Ted), Jerry O'Connell (Steve), Liv Tyler (Jessica), Marisa Coughlan (Misty), Patrick Wilson (Captain Glenn), Kali Rocha (Donna), Kylie Rogers (Sunshine), Keir Dullea (Mr. Marlowe), Ryan Gaul (Chuck),

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