Shutter (2008)

Shutter full movie NetflixShutter Full Movie on Netflix HDR. A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.
A heavy burden. American remakes of Asian horror films have mostly struggled to win grace and favour with horror fans. Shutter is no exception, it has been met with the usual howls of derision, claims of it being pointless, loosing the horror essence of the original and etc. But what for someone like me who hasn’t seen the original? I found Shutter to be much like how I found The Ring, the Naomi Watts starrer from 2002, a very effective chiller with a solid mystery to be unravelled at the core. The ghost is creepy – as are the various photographic links, …

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller.
Original Title: Shutter
Release Date: 21 Mar 2008
Language: English
Production: Regency Enterprises
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 85 min


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Cast: Joshua Jackson (Benjamin Shaw), Rachael Taylor (Jane Shaw), Megumi Okina (Megumi Tanaka), David Denman (Bruno), Eri Otoguro (Yoko), John Hensley (Adam), Maya Hazen (Seiko), James Kyson (Ritsuo), Yoshiko Miyazaki (Akiko),

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