Shooting Dogs (2006)

Shooting Dogs full movie NetflixShooting Dogs Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Two westerners, a priest and a teacher find themselves in the middle of the Rwandan genocide and face a moral dilemna. Do they place themselves in danger and protect the refugees, or escape the country with their lives? Based on a true story.
Great drama and great characters for the untold story of Hutus and Tutsis conflict in Rwanda and the naïveness of the good hearted people against the cruel reality and the tough decisions to make.

Genres: Drama, History,
Original Title: Shooting Dogs
Release Date: 08 Mar 2006
Language: English
Production: BBC Films
Country: Germany
Runtime: 115 min


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Cast: John Hurt (Christopher), Hugh Dancy (Joe Connor), Dominique Horwitz (Capitaine Charles Delon), Nicola Walker (Rachel), David Gyasi (François), Steve Toussaint (Roland), Clare-Hope Ashitey (Marie), Susan Nalwoga (Edda), Victor Power (Julius),

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