Proof of Life (2000)

Proof of Life full movie NetflixProof of Life Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Alice hires a professional negotiator to obtain the release of her engineer husband, who has been kidnapped by anti-government guerrillas in South America.
We’re out of miracles. Russell Crowe would of course come to be better known elsewhere (filmicly) in this year, but what of his other release in 2000? Proof of Life is a blender, a picture that is in part thriller, part romance, part drama and part observation on a very real life problem – that of kidnapping for ransom. So many genres to tackle means that invariably Taylor Hackford’s film feels over stuffed, pushing the running time to two hours and fifteen minutes, it is this that hurts it. A shame because if trimmed of the pointless filler and drawn out …

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama.
Original Title: Proof of Life
Release Date: 08 Dec 2000
Language: English
Production: Castle Rock Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 135 min


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Cast: Meg Ryan (Alice Bowman), Russell Crowe (Terry Thorne), David Morse (Peter Bowman), Pamela Reed (Janis Goodman), David Caruso (Dino), Flora Martínez (Linda), Anthony Heald (Ted Fellner), Gottfried John (Eric Kessler), Tony Vázquez (Fred / Marco),

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