Outlander (2008)

Outlander full movie NetflixOutlander Full Movie on Netflix HDR. During the reign of the Vikings, a man from another world crash-lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator. The man must fuse his advanced technology with the weaponry of the vikings to fight the monster.
Outlandish! During the reign of the Vikings, a man from another planet crash lands on Earth and unfortunately brings with him a giant alien beast known as the Moorwen. Not only that, but once assimilating himself with this particular Viking faction, he finds that he is now part of a war they are engaged in with another Viking race. Yep, it’s predator in the Viking age, berserker sci-fi played purely for entertainment and cheese sandwiches. Jesus Jimmy Caviezel brings the broody macho posturing, John Hurt the ham, while Ron Perlman picks up an easy pay check for growling a lot. It’s still …

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Science Fiction.
Original Title: Outlander
Release Date: 24 Apr 2008
Language: English
Production: Ascendant Pictures
Country: Germany
Runtime: 115 min


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Cast: Jim Caviezel (Kainan), Sophia Myles (Freya), Jack Huston (Wulfric), Ron Perlman (Gunnar), John Hurt (Rothgar), Cliff Saunders (Boromir), Patrick Stevenson (Unferth), Aidan Devine (Einar), Bailey Maughan (Erick),

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