Morgan (2016)

Morgan full movie NetflixMorgan Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Morgan is about a corporate risk-management consultant who has to decide and determine whether or not to terminate an artificial being’s life that was made in a laboratory environment.
Following in your film-making father’s footsteps can be perceived either as a credible career choice or an inevitable curse. So the question is put forth to **Morgan** first-time director Luke Scott as he oversees this kinetic but overly familiar choppy and saggy sci-fi horror-thriller. Of course Luke is the son of famed _Alien_ and _Blade Runner_ movie mastermind Ridley Scott–the co-producer of his offspring’s muddled and mediocre futuristic feature. Sure, the young Scott incorporates some of the elder Scott’s cinematic flourishes but for the most part **Morgan** toys around with interesting philosophical concepts and perceptions but fails to make any …

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller,
Original Title: Morgan
Release Date: 02 Sep 2016
Language: English
Production: Scott Free Productions
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 92 min


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Cast: Kate Mara (Lee Weathers), Anya Taylor-Joy (Morgan), Rose Leslie (Dr. Amy Menser), Toby Jones (Dr. Simon Ziegler), Boyd Holbrook (Skip Vronsky), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Dr. Kathy Grieff), Paul Giamatti (Dr. Alan Shapiro), Michelle Yeoh (Dr. Lui Cheng), Sam Spruell (Jim Bryce),

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