Land of Mine (2015)

Watch Land of Mine Full Movies Netflix. In the days following the surrender of Germany in May 1945, a group of young German prisoners of war were handed over to the Danish authorities and subsequently sent out to the West Coast, where they were ordered to remove the more than two million mines that the Germans had placed in the sand along the coast. With their bare hands, crawling around in the sand, the boys were forced to perform the dangerous work under the leadership of the Danish sergeant, Carl Leopold Rasmussen.
Land of Mine full movie streaming Netflix online Language: Dansk
Country: Germany
Genre: Drama, History, War.
Runtime: 100 min
Release Date: 03 Dec 2015
Production: Nordisk Film
Original Title: Under sandet

Cast: Roland Møller (Sgt. Carl Rasmussen), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (Lt. Ebbe Jensen), Laura Bro (Karin), Louis Hofmann (Sebastian Schumann), Joel Basman (Helmut Morbach), Oskar Bökelmann (Ludwig Haffke), Emil Belton (Ernst Lessner), Oskar Belton (Werner Lessner), Leon Seidel (Wilhelm Hahn),

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