Jackie & Ryan (2014)

Jackie & Ryan full movie NetflixJackie & Ryan Full Movie on Netflix HDR. A modern day train hopper fighting to be a successful musician and a single mom battling to maintain custody of her daughter defy their circumstances by coming together in a relationship that may change each others lives forever.
> A simplest music-drama, a little inspiring over one’s self-confidence. From the director of ‘Texas Killing Field’ comes a simple music-drama with a little romance in it. A plot that was built around when two people meet at a crossroad. One is looking forward breakthrough in the music career and the other one has been there. Besides a single mother fighting for a child custody as a subplot and other few extra characters were added for the movie to brighten up. That did not help to make the plot tighter and faster, instead left behind many unanswered. Anyway, most part of …

Genres: Drama,
Original Title: Jackie & Ryan
Release Date: 01 Sep 2014
Language: English
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 90 min


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Cast: Katherine Heigl (Jackie), Ben Barnes (Ryan), Clea DuVall (Virginia), Sheryl Lee (Miriam), Emily Alyn Lind (Lia), Nathan Stevens (Kid), Allan Groves (Tweed Cap), (), (),

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