Insurgent (2015)

Insurgent full movie NetflixInsurgent Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart.
As I did in my review of the first instalment, in this movie series I should probably point out that I have not read the books. Some people claim that this movie do not follow the books but, obviously, I cannot comment on that. So my review is based on the movie and the movie alone. I have to confess that I mostly watched this movie because I did watch the first instalment and felt obliged to see where the story went. This movie have quite a few fairly cool special effects, especially the ones when Tris is in the virtual …

Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller.
Original Title: Insurgent
Release Date: 18 Mar 2015
Language: English
Production: Summit Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 119 min


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Cast: Shailene Woodley (Beatrice "Tris" Prior), Theo James (Tobias "Four" Eaton), Kate Winslet (Jeanine Matthews), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior), Miles Teller (Peter Hayes), Naomi Watts (Evelyn Johnson-Eaton), Maggie Q (Tori Wu), Jai Courtney (Eric Coulter), Zoë Kravitz (Christina),

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