Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal full movie NetflixHannibal Full Movie on Netflix HDR. After having successfully eluded the authorities for years, Hannibal peacefully lives in Italy in disguise as an art scholar. Trouble strikes again when he is discovered leaving a deserving few dead in the process. He returns back to America to once again make contact with now disgraced Agent Clarice Starling …

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Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller.
Original Title: Hannibal
Release Date: 08 Feb 2001
Language: English
Production: Universal Pictures
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 131 min


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Cast: Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lecter), Julianne Moore (Clarice Starling), Gary Oldman (Mason Verger), Ray Liotta (Paul Krendler), David Andrews (FBI Agent Pearsall), Frankie Faison (Barney Matthews), Giancarlo Giannini (Insp. Renaldo Pazzi), Francesca Neri (Allegra Pazzi), Zeljko Ivanek (Dr. Cordell Doemling),

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