Dot the I (2003)

Dot the I full movie NetflixDot the I Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Young lovers in London are wrapped up in a love triangle that may not be exactly what it seems. Carmen, a beautiful Spanish woman with a tendency to lose her temper at the drop of a hat, is about to be married to Barnaby, a caring, wealthy, but slightly boring …

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Genres: Drama, Comedy, Thriller.
Original Title: Dot the I
Release Date: 18 Jan 2003
Language: English
Production: Alquimia Cinema
Country: Spain
Runtime: 92 min


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Cast: Gael García Bernal (Kit Winter), Natalia Verbeke (Carmen Collazo), James D'Arcy (Barnaby F. Caspian), Tom Hardy (Tom), Charlie Cox (Theo), (), (), (), (),

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