Demolition (2016)

Demolition full movie NetflixDemolition Full Movie on Netflix HDR. An emotionally desperate investment banker finds hope through a woman he meets in Chicago.
> When we won’t feel a thing for a great loss… I am observing closely Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting career and he’s giving the best performances in all his films. He’s one of top 5 best actor of our generation. So technically I love all his films, especially in the recent years and tell me who won’t if they love good stories and performance. I expected this to be another excellent film and yes it was, but not that great. What he has given to his fans and film viewers is the promise and fulfilled it all the way. So even an average …

Genres: Comedy, Drama,
Original Title: Demolition
Release Date: 06 Apr 2016
Language: English
Production: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 100 min


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Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal (Davis Mitchell), Chris Cooper (Phil), Naomi Watts (Karen Moreno), Heather Lind (Julia), Judah Lewis (Chris Moreno), C.J. Wilson (Carl), Polly Draper (Margot), Malachy Cleary (Davis' Dad), Debra Monk (Davis' Mom),

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