Chappie (2015)

Chappie full movie NetflixChappie Full Movie on Netflix HDR. Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any child, Chappie will come under the influence of his surroundings—some good, some bad—and he will rely on his heart and soul to find his way in the …

> Its a sci-fi age and robot rules. It came as a little surprise. Obviously I was looking for this film, but not expected to reach at this level. The film was really brilliant despite the influence of plenty of other films. Yes, the ideas were borrowed from the movies like ‘Short Circuit’, ‘I, Robot’, ‘RoboCop’, Real Steel’, Bicentennial Man’, ‘Transcendence’, et cetera. But that did not bother me at all. I would call it an inspiration to make a new product out that already existed. It was not completely depended on Dev Patel’s role, otherwise woulda been a disaster. Its the …

Genres: Crime, Action, Science Fiction.
Original Title: Chappie
Release Date: 04 Mar 2015
Language: English
Production: Columbia Pictures
Country: Mexico
Runtime: 120 min


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Cast: Sharlto Copley (Chappie), Dev Patel (Deon Wilson), Ninja (Ninja), Yolandi Visser (Yo-Landi), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Yankie (Amerika)), Hugh Jackman (Vincent Moore), Sigourney Weaver (Michelle Bradley), Brandon Auret (Hippo), Johnny Selema (Pitbull),

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