After (2012)

After full movie NetflixAfter Full Movie on Netflix HDR. When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left in their small town, they must form an unlikely alliance in a race to unravel the truth behind their isolation. As strange events begin to unfold, they start to question whether the town they know …

**After life, before death, there’s a medium!** I happy that B movies exist. Because mainstream filmmaker won’t do this kind of simple experiment. Actually there’s nothing new in this film, the same old storyline. There are hundreds of similar films, even you can compare to the recent ‘If I Stay’, but the thing is it was differently told tale. The director’s first feature film, and actors are not the popular ones, but with a decent story, everything looks so fine. The graphics for this kind of budget, not really bad. They even had a decent CGI character. Actually, most of the …

Genres: Mystery, Thriller,
Original Title: After
Release Date: 27 Aug 2012
Language: English
Production: Seabourne Pictures
Country: United States of America
Runtime: 90 min

Cast: Steven Strait (Freddy), Karolina Wydra (Ana), Sandra Ellis Lafferty (Aunt Lu), Ric Reitz (Doctor), Jackson Walker (Phil), Madison Lintz (Young Ana), Bob Penny (Elderly Man), April Billingsley (Caretaker), Jennifer Spriggs (Nurse),

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